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Why SSD?

Hard Disk Solid State Drive A SSD is …
Read Speed: Up to 150 MB Up to 580 MB up to 3.9 x faster
Write Speed: Up to 150 MB Up to 524 MB up to 3.5 x faster
Read Access: from 1.5 ms 0.02 ms up to 75 x faster
Write Access: from 1.7 ms 0.02 ms up to 85 x faster
Mechanical parts liable to defects: yes no considerably more robust
Impact resistance during operation: 60 g 1,500 g 25 x more impact resistant during operation
Impact resistance during storage: 350 g 1,500 g 4.5 x more impact resistant during storage
Power consumption when idling: 0.7 Watts and more 0.03 Watts and more by a factor of 23 x more economical
Power consumption during accessing: 2.5 Watts and more 0.35 Watts and more by a factor of 7 x more economical
Silent Operation no yes completely noiseless
Weight: from 100 gram (2.5") from 5 gram (M.2) up to 95% lighter
Storage temperature: -40 - 70 °C -55 - 95 °C insensitive to extreme temperatures
Read operations: any number any number not limited in case of read operations
Write operations: any number 0.01 - 50 million
per cell
Limited, in case of write operations
Maximum storage capacity: up to 6.0 TB up to 2.0 TB currently, still smaller
Price per GB: from Euro 0.03 from Euro 0.20 currently, still more expensive

*Sources: Wikipedia, Samsung, ssdreview.com test laboratory