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The SSD Test System

Since 2015/01/01 we are using our new test system III.
From 2011/04/01 to 2014/12/31 we used our test system II.
From 2010/08/01 to 2011/03/31 we used our test system I.

The ssdreview.com test system III:

Intel Core i7-4790K central prozessing unit (CPU) running on 4,4GHz:

The 4-core processor Intel Core i7-4790K used in our test system is the fastest prcessor of the Intel Haswell-Refresh architecture. Without exaggeration, the performance of this CUP is phenomenal. Despite this fact, the processor remains extremely cool even under load. We recommend Intel Core i7 processors for high-end-PC systems with SSD data storage. If you are planning to overclock your CPU, you should buy a CPU with the “K” in the product name.

Gainward GeForce GTX 480 1.536MB PCIe Grafikkarte:

Die Gainward GeForce GTX 480 unterstützt als erste Grafikkarte mit Nvidia Chip DirectX 11 nativ. Die High-End Grafikkarte bietet eine sehr hohe Grafikleistung bei leider auch vergleichsweise hohem Stromverbrauch und entsprechender Wärmeentwicklung. Wer auf bedingungslos höchste Leistung Wert legt, macht mit dieser Grafikkarte nichts falsch.

ASRock Z97 Extreme6 Motherboard:

This latest-generation motherboard provides ten SATA III onboard interfaces with 6 GBit/sec each, one SATA Express interface with 10 GBit/sec, one M.2 SSD socket (Gen2, 2x, 10 GBit/sec) and a high speed Ultra M.2 SSD socket (Gen3, x3, 32 GBit/sec). Those interfaces and sockets are perfect for us to review and benchmark actual high-end SSDs without limitations.

32GB G.Skill DDR3-RAM Kit, 2400MHz, 4x 8GB (F3-2400C10Q-32GTX):

Our test system uses 32GB G.Skill DDR3 2.400MHz random access memory (RAM). We recommend to install sufficient RAM for uncompromising performance – no matter how many memory-intensive programmes run simultaneously. Usually, 8GB RAM is sufficient for working on your PC. You should use two memory modules of the same bank colour when allocating RAM as dual channel to the Intel Core i7 architecture. We recommend to use a 64 bit operating System - ideally Windows 8.1 PRO with update.

be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 - 850 Watt power supply:

The be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 - 850 Watt power supply guarantees to provide sufficient power even under full load. It has a very high efficiency factor and is “80 Plus Gold” certified. This means that the efficiency factor of this power supply goes up to 94%. It has practically no hearable operating noise and hosts a very useful cable management system whereby only those cables actually needed are used. This saves space within the computer and provides a better circulation of air inside the PC.

Silverstone Fortress FT02 PC case:

We have found a very special PC case for our SSD test computer. In our opinion, the Silverstone Fortress FT02 PC case is the most mature and practical PC case we have ever used. The details of this case show clever refinements: For instance, the motherboard is installed with a 90-degree clockwise turn so that the display and other peripheral devices are plugged in from the top of the case. The advantage: Three giant 180 mm fans integrated at the bottom of the case draw cool air. The rest works according to the same principle found in a furnace: air heated by PC components can be exhausted through the top much faster because hot air, according to the laws of physics, rises. The fan operation is particularly quiet as they are extremely large and consequently can run at a low RPM to create the necessary circulation of air. This type of cooling is very quiet and highly efficient. It can be surpassed only by a much more involved and expensive water cooling system.

be quiet! SilentWings 2 case fans:

For cooling our components we use among the three 180mm fans of the Silverstone case three be quiet! “SilentWings 2“ fans. Two 140mm be quiet! SilentWings 2 fans are cooling our Prolimatech CPU heat sink and the third SilentWings 2 fan is 120mm big and blows the heated air outside the case on top. The be quiet! SilentWings 2 fans and the be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 - 850 Watt power supply fan are in our opinion the first choice if you need a reliable, efficient and absolutely silent way to cool your PC without compromise.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 PRO with update - 64 Bit operating system:

Our SSD test computer runs a Mircosoft Windows 8.1 PRO with update 64 bit OS. It is NVM Express (NVMe) capable which is important for brand new NVMe-SSDs and Windows 8.1 is the ideal operating system for a high-end computer with Solid State Drive because this operating system correctly partitions a SSD for SSD operation during installation already. For instance, it switches off defragmentation as a Solid State Drive no longer requires it and would unnecessarily access the SSD during defragmentation operations. Additionally, Windows 8.1 supports of course the important TRIM command ensuring SSD’s practically do not decrease in performance despite extensive usage. We recommend Windows 8.1 for computers with SSD’s.

Have fun on ssdreview.com. We hope to have made the extremely murky SSD market a bit more transparent for you. Your ssdreview.com team.